Fraud Alert

We have learned that certain scammers have created a mirrored version of our website and are trying to pose as Arab-European Reinsurance Brokers Limited to carry out business.  Please note that the official website of Arab-European Reinsurance Brokers Limited is

It has come to our attention that there are documentscirculating in the market, claiming to offer loans, which purports to have originated from Arab-European Reinsurance Brokers Limited. Please note thatArab-European Reinsurance Brokers Limited is not authorised by the DFSA to, and does not, provide loans or insurance products in these circumstances.Arab-European Reinsurance Brokers Limited provides only Insurance Intermediation services and no other services.

Arab-European Reinsurance Brokers Limited shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused as a result of dealing with such individuals or firms. Arab-European Reinsurance Brokers Limited is regulated by the DFSA.  In the event of a suspicion of a scam, you may contact DFSA to verify the authenticity of the firm.Information about these, and other, types of scams and how to avoid them are provided on the DFSA website (Click here to view).